Stop Snoring Mouthpieces: A Review

Since there are too many anti snoring mouthpieces on the market, it would be impossible for you to try them all. We compose the following comparison chart to aid your research.

mad mouthpieceThis table summarizes our research on the pros and cons of many products.   For detailed reviews, just click the link or the image of each product.

Remember to click on the link or image on the first column of the table to see the comprehensive advantages/disadvantages of each device.


Mouthpiece NameDescriptionGovernment ApprovalMaterialsPriceFriendly To Denture
SleepTightMAD mouthpiece, bite and boil adjustable, simple constructionFDA clearedMedial resin,BPA-free$59.95($9.95 for trial)No
Good Morning Snore SolutionTSD mouthpiece, won't interfere with jaw and teethFDA cleared,Health Canada approval, European Commission approval, ATGA approval, etc.Latex-free medical resin, BPA-free$99.94,cheaper for 2 or more orders.Yes
VitalSleepMAD mouthpiece, has large size and regular size, can be adjusted by boil and bite procedure. cheapFDA clearedLatex-free, BPA-free, DuPont thermoplastic$59.95 for one piece,$49.97 for two piecesNo
SnoreMedsMAD mouthpiece, adjustable with boil and bite procedure, low priceFDA clearedHypoallergenic thermoplastic$38.99No
ZQuietMAD mouthpiece, unique "Living Hinge Technology" allows mouth to move freely. Good for mouth-breathers.FDA designated class II medical devicethermoplastic elastomer which is FDA-compliant,Latex-free,BPA-free$79.95No


What is the difference between MAD mouthpieces and TSD mouthpieces 

MAD mouthpieces and TSD mouthpieces are sleep apnea mouth guards, working as cpap alternatives. They can all help you stop snoring when you are asleep. But they have different working mechanism.  In the following section, we will discuss the pros and cons of the two categories of mouthpieces. Although the two types can all release you from snoring, you may feel one more comfortable than the other. People have their own preference.

1. Mandibular Advancement Device – MAD Mouthpiece

Due to patent reason, most mouthpieces are MAD mouthpieces. But that does not mean MAD mouthpieces are better than TSD mouthpieces, just because fewer mouthpiece vendors use TSD technique. Some TSD manufacturers produce very good mouthpieces.

The design of MAD mouthpiece has a history of over 30 years. The mechanism is putting your mandibular in place or holding it forward(so called mandibular advancement), and if the lower jaw cannot slide backwards, the air channel of the throat will not be blocked, the air can now flow freely through the epiglottis and the throat, thus you snoring is stopped. Throat blockage is the main reason for most people who are snoring in the sleep. By maximizing air flow and minimizing throat blockage, MAD mouthpiece can effectively eliminate snoring. The following is a good clip demonstrating how MAD devices work.

For those who:

  • have TMJ problem
  • have loose/bridge teeth, or denture

Please do not use a MAD mouthpiece for it may worsen your TMJ symptoms or damage your teeth.

2. Tongue Stabilizing Device – TSD Mouthpiece

tsd demoFew vendors manufacture TSD anti-snoring mouthpieces but they are often the best-sellers. Instead of moving your lower jaw forwards, TSD mouthpiece holds your tongue in place or pulls it forwards so it can not slide backwards to block the air channel of the throat. In most cases, the snoring is caused by the blockage of the air channel in the throat by the tongue(as described in the figure).

When using a TSD mouthpiece, your tongue is put into the container in the front of the device and hold in place. For many people, it is more comfortable than a MAD device because it does not press the teeth or jaw. This is the reason that most TSD mouthpieces sell better than MAD mouthpieces.

So which type should I choose?

The answer is either, if you are free of TMJ problem, sleep apnea, or dental.

We said that TSD mouthpieces do not pull your jaw so the jaw can be in a natural position as it used to be. But as the size of the jaw, the facial structure, gum sensitivity, and even personal taste vary among people, some people may find MAD mouthpieces are more effective and more comfortable while TSD mouthpieces are uncomfortable.  Some people hate TSD devices just because they are like baby soother.

Besides the design factor, the price is another factor to consider. MAD devices are often cheaper than TSD’s, so are more popular. But are you really willing to have  long time of unhappy experience of using mouthpiece just to save a little money?

So the question of how to choose between MAD mouthpieces and TSD’s is up to you.

The advantage of TSD

Many people like TSD design more than the MAD mouthpiece because TSD does not need to consider the size of the jaw like MAD and often is a one-size-fits-all design which allows the jaw to move freely. TSD devices can be used without feeling pain even you have dental problem. Another advantage of TSD is it is more durable than MAD although the price is typically higher.

Although the MAD mouthpieces are often cheaper than TSD’s, they also do a good job in reducing or eliminating snoring. But MAD devices need to be customized/tailored according to individuals.  The most often used customization method is called the “boil and bite” method.

The “boil and bite” procedure is: heat the mouthpiece in boiled water, then put the mouthpiece quickly into your mouse.  The property of the thermoplastics materials of the mouthpiece makes sure the device will fit the shape of your mouth.  See the following video about this procedure:

Although the “boil and bite” method sounds a little complex, it is actually very easy to accomplish. If you do not like this method because it takes some time, you can order a customized mouthpiece which fits your own mouth. Of course, in such case, you will need the help of a sleep specialist or a dentist and the price is typically much higher.


Same Function with different styles and designs

We have known that as alternatives to cpap, anti snoring mouthpieces have two categories: TSD’s and MAD’s, both of which can eliminate or stop snoring.  The MAD device fixes or pulls the jaw forward while the TSD device holds your tongue. They can reach the same objective.  The MAD anti snoring mouth guard deals with the jaw while the TSD mouth guard deals with the tongue. If you do not like your tongue to be hold, you will find MAD would be more comfortable to wear, otherwise, you may find TSD mouthpiece is more appropriate to you, especially if you have some kind of dental problem.  The principle is you do not feel any pain when wearing such devices because you will have to wear it for a long time. If you feel hurt, please stop using the mouthpiece or switch to the  other type.

Ok, you are now aware of the benefits and disadvantages of each mouthpiece design, we will introduce to you some funny stuff about snoring.

Why you should stop snoring today? 30 reasons:

According to the research of NSF(National Sleep Foundation), nearly one in 3 Americans are affected by snoring problem. But for some reason, few of them think they should go to a doctor to deal with this problem. Maybe they think snoring is not a disease or not a serious issue. Some of them think snoring is a bad thing only when you sleep with partners. If you live alone, your snoring noise won’t affect other people and can be ignored. Unfortunately, snoring has a long time effect and will cause server problems if you neglect it.  Do not believe it? Let’s see the 30 reasons why you should start to deal with your snoring.

1. To Sleep Tightly

This is the most important reason. If you cannot sleep well, you will feel tired the whole day. You cannot focus on anything you do. Because you are tired, you cannot perform any activity well. Moreover you may get fat because you have not enough energy to exercise to burn the calories.

You may not do your job well because you are exhausted and cannot focus on it. This is dangerous for some kind of work. Imagine you are a driver who are in a high-speed car, the lack of alert may be deadly to you.

2. To Avoid To Be Called An Animal

People like to call snoring people a pig, a bear, an orca, a horse, a warthog, a trooper, a banshee, a chainsaw, etc., based on how loud your snoring is and how long your snoring continues.  Those animals make great noises. So this comparison is not a compliment or flattering. This shameful comparison comes from the ruckus you create during sleep.  You let others uncomfortable; others let you unhappy.

3. Not To Make Your Babies Cry

Most people think snoring is a man problem. But women can also snore daily. The ratio of the number of snoring men to snoring women in the year between 40-50 is 6:4, which shows there are quite a few snoring moms.

Snoring mothers surely affects their babies. See the following hot video in which a little baby is scared to cry by his snoring mom. It is an interesting video but can be a wake-up call for moms who snore.

4. Not To Put Your Life At Risk

Now have you realized the severity of snoring problem? If yes, it is good. If not, let me tell you the most extreme danger sleep apnea can bring to you: death. Sleep apnea means pause of normal breathing. Although in most cases, breathing can continue after interruption, there does exist a chance that you cannot breathe again after the pause. Apart from this direct server result, neglect of snoring problem can lead to other serious health problems. And things get even worse if you have the weight problem at the same time.

Now you have known the life-threatening consequence snoring can bring to you. But do not be too nervous because it is easy to treat.

5. To Avoid Showing Up On Youtube

Searching on youtube for snoring, you can find a clip “12 Hours of Snoring“. This video records 12 hours of various snoring.You can also find a video called “snoring compilations” which records many snoring people for fun. I don’t feel any fun in these videos, nor do I  think the protagonists in those videos feel fun. You won’t let you be a protagonist in those videos that entertain the public, will you?

6. Because The problem Won’t Go Away Itself

The problem is often ignored but won’t get away itself. Snoring not only affects yourself but also others. Soon you will become unhappy with those people affected by you, be tired of the jokes played on you, become more sensitive about the scorn form the public. Notice that the issue won’t disappear if you refuse to make some changes. It is time to deal with the snoring problem seriously like changing the diet,not eating too much before bed, etc.


sleeping passenger on plane7. Not To Be Kick Off Or Kick Somebody Off The Plane

Do not know why snoring can cause somebody to be kicked off the plane? See this story. A female passenger could not tolerate the man snoring by her and began to stab him with the result of being ejected out of the plane. This was a severe accident and a breaking news. Although few people sleep in a short time air journey, some people do have a nap in a long time flying. If you are a snorer, or you happen to sit by a snorer, this would be a bad experience during travel.


8. To Avoid The Embarrassing Topic About Snoring In A Conversation

This might be a minor issue but you cannot deny it. If you snore when you talk, your friends may take it as a good topic. Their intention may not be malicious, just for fun. But some people may feel awkward or scorned about their snoring issue. So why not take some actions to alleviate your snoring problem?

angry neighbor9. Not to Make Your Neighbors Hate You

Have you ever heard the snoring noise from your neighbors? If you snore in a flat or an apartment, not only your partner or roommates  are bothered, but also your neighbors  may be waken up at night by your snoring noises.

The walls of some apartments are not made with sound insulation material. At the same time, they are not thick enough to block the snoring noises.  In such case, you must stop your snoring not to make your neighbors hate you.

10. Too Keep Good Reputation

Yes, snoring can affect your reputation. Do you like to be given a nickname like “snoring freak” by your family? They just want to play jokes on you without any bad intention. In the morning, your little kid may ask if he should call the zoo to catch a snoring monster in the house. You know your snoring must wake him up again last night. This seems just a joke. But if such jokes happen constantly, your psyche may be affected in a negative way. The only way to stop such comments and jokes are stopping your snoring now.


11. Not to Consider It As A Minor Problem

Yes, insurance companies consider snoring as a cosmetic problem, which means your expenses for treating snoring issues won’t be covered by them.  There have been movements to change this situation but it still need time to push insurance firms to take some actions.

The reason why insurance companies do not pay the bills for medical treatment of snoring issues is that they do not consider snoring as a medical problem. Now the readers may agree that snoring is a medial problem but we still need the support of more emerging medical cases related to snoring to push insurance firms to pay out claims associated with snoring.

rem sleep stage12. To Keep REM Sleep Which Is Valuable To Human

REM sleep is a sleep stage in which you dream and your eye balls move quickly. REM sleep is important and required to keep human refreshed after sleep. Constant deprivation of REM sleep can cause many mental problems and other health problems such as low energy levels, obesity, and sleep apnea. Breathing problems like snoring often wake you and your partner up before reaching the REM state.

13. To Avoid Feminist Complains

You may wonder why snoring is related to feminist issues. But some feminists think so, like one of the Huffington Post UK authors, Helen Croydon. In her opinions, snoring man wants more intimacy and not lets his partner have a good sleep in another room, which is unfair for women.

This sleep deprivation issue is similar to another issue: child care. Feminists always complain why men do not wake up at night to care for babies. Feminist movements insist in men and women should play the same role in caring for infants in the nights.

14. Reduce Obesity Risk


Fat people often snore. This is because the excessive weight in the neck and around the throat may cause the neck muscles to collapse, making it more difficult to breathe. Scientist noticed the relationship between excessive weight and sleep apnea long time ago. In fact, abut half overweight people have sleep apnea.

Losing extra weight is the dream of many people who have obesity problem. Weight loss not only makes you look good but also gets rid of many obesity related diseases including sleep apnea.

15. To Avoid Being Stabbed By Your Wife

This sounds exaggerating but did happen. Let’s see the story between Doug and his wife Dawn Weiser.

Doug has the snoring issue for long time and often has quarrels about it with his wife.  One day, after an argument about the snoring again, Doug went to sleep in the bedroom that he and his wife shared. His wife Dawn Weiser went to bed  in another room. Later in that night, Dawn Weiser slipped in Doug’s room with a butcher knife in her hand. She stabbed her husband three times with this knife, which even lacerated his liver.

Be scared? Then stop your snoring to avoid this misery to happen.


libido couple16. To Keep Libido

Remember, snoring is never a sexy stuff. Loud snoring only makes your partner not fall asleep. Your sexual wife/husband’s sexual satisfaction will be severely degraded by every night’s long time snoring. The desire of making love will also reduce and the couple even do not want to engage in intimacy if one snores. This is probably linked to the tiredness caused by the snoring.

17. Reduce the Frequency of Nocturia

Women with bladder control difficulties tend to wake up to urinate(nocturia) frequently at night. However there are researches discovering the relationship between snoring and nocturia in men.  One of the research found that men over 55 who have benign prostate enlargement and sleep apnea are more likely having the problem of  nocturia.  University of ACCN(Alabama Capstone College of Nursing) prof. Mary Umlauf says the reason for nocturia is that more urine is produced at night by the body due to sleep apnea. He even suggests to use  Nocturia  as the tool for screening sleep apnea.

18. Reduce The Risk Of Fetal Complication

Women may begin to snore in their last months of pregnancy although they never have the snoring issue before. This is because of the weight gains due to pregnancy.  If pregnant women snore heavily, the risk of giving birth to low weight baby may increase referring to this research. Snoring pregnant women also tend to develop other fetal complications.

During last trimester, women must go to see a doctor or OB-GYN. If you develop snoring in this period, make sure to discuss this problem with your doctor and get a good solution for it.


19. To Reduce The Risk Of Headache

bitterful headachesIf you are a snorer, it is very likely you have headache problem. Snorers are more likely to have headache problem than non-snorers, which is proven in the research conducted by Marian J Davey of the BSSAA(British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association). This headache problem belongs to the category of tension headache which is a feeling of constant pressure in the occipital, temporal or frontal area. The longer time you have snoring problem, the more likely you have this tension headache.

20. Reduce The Risks Of Mental Health

Do not laugh at people whose sleep is deprived by sleep apnea. Sleep deprivation is related to many mental problems, from depression disorder to crankiness. Research has discovered the relationship between sleep apnea and depression disorder.  Don’t let the little snoring issue develop server mental problems on you.

21. To Reduce The GERD Risk

acid reflux diagramAcid reflux, formally  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, also known as heartburn, is the painful feeling when the foods in the stomach go up into the esophagus. Why does acid reflux happen? The cause of acid reflux is also related to the throat and breathing. Snoring people tend to form a vacuum in the throat when they breathe, which sucks the food from the stomach upwards to esophagus.

Doctors often suggest not to eat too late at night. This is because eating too much before sleeping would likely lead to acid reflux at sleeping time. A good suggestion is sleeping at least 3 hours after supper.

22. To Reduce The Arrhythmia Risk

Snoring will interrupt breathing. Your lung inhales the oxygen from outside and transports it via blood through all the body. Constant breathing interruption will make the blood lack of oxygen. The heart reacts to it by beating irregularly, which is known as Atrial Fibrillation or Arrhythmia. According to AHA(Ameirian Heart Association), both Arrhythmia and Atrial Fibrillation can be deadly.

23. To Reduce The Risk Of Injury

female sleepy driverWe have said that people who snore or have sleep apnea feel exhausted and tied even in day time when they work. The daytime sleepiness may put you and others at risk. Around 20% auto crash accidents are caused by this kind of daytime fatigue, according to the study of  Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

Fatigue in work time not only harms to yourself, but also does harm to other people. Fatigue of a driver of a heavy construction vehicle may cause an accident that kills many innocent people.

24. To Alleviate The  Stroke Risk

The relationship between strokes and snoring is discovered by a sleep research recently. Scientists have found the positive correlation between the intensity of snoring and the risk of stroke. They explain this as follows. A loud snoring indicates large amount of fat which deposits in the throat(called plaque). The more the fat deposits in the throat, the more likely the fat deposits in other parts of the body because fat problem is often a global, even genetic issue. And the risk of stroke is known directly correlated to the fat problem.  So starting from healthy diet, eating less fatty foods, we can stop snoring, and reduce the risk of stroke.

25. To Uncover The Real Medical Problem

sleep apneaTypically, snoring is one (among others) symptom of sleep apnea. There are two types of sleep apnea: obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. Anti snoring mouthpiece is effective to the obstructive sleep apnea but helpless to the central sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea is rare to occur and needs special medial treatment.

Many factors such as obesity, big tonsils, large tongue, and others can lead to obstructive sleep apnea, which, fortunately, can be cured but needs prompt treatment, otherwise will bring server results.

26. To Reduce The Heart Disease Risk

The study of Otolaryngologist Eric Cohen uncovers the fact that women with snoring problem have higher risk of heart disease. The risk is higher than men with snoring issue.  Further research proves that compared to normal people, the risk of having fatal or non-fatal heart disease is two times higher for people who have sleep apnea. This is a bad news for the snoring people because heart disease is the #1 killer for Americans.

27. To Breathe More Easily

breathe easilyMen are born to breathe. But why others breathe more easily than you?Maybe you are used to snoring, but why not take steps to improve your ability of breathing, for an easier life?

I will give you an example why you should protect your breath from now on. I have a friend who suffers from diabetes. But you know diabetes has no obvious symptom at the beginning. Like snoring, he did not take care of it. His doctor told him he could lose eyesight but he did not care at all until one day he could not see things clearly. He begged the doctor to save him but it was too late. Now he becomes a blind man. This story tell us do not take your health for granted. You will lose your health if you choose to ignore the “little problem” like snoring.

28. To Make Your Partner Sleep Well

Let your partner sleepYou snores, your partner suffers. You love your partner, you won’t make her/him suffer from your snoring. There are real cases that the couple get divorced because one of them snores. We should perish our marriage and family because we live better in a stable relationship. Don’t get break up just because of your snoring problem.

29. To Save Your Relationship/Marriage

glad coupleThe road to marriage is not easy. It needs  compromise and commitment. It needs hard work and actions. Finally you decide to live the rest of the life with your husband/wife. However you find your husband/wife snores after marry. How do you do with it? You can choose to sleep in another room but that is not a good solution. You need to treat the cause not the symptom.

The best part of marriage is waking up with your partner at the same time, not just sleeping together. If you choose to sleep in another room or bed, your marriage is about to break up. So start to deal with the snoring issue asap to avoid that from happening.

you deserve the best30. To Become The Best You

This reason summarizes all the reasons we’ve talked about. You and your partner deserve a good night of sleep. You should not be mocked by your family members or friends.

You are lucky enough to visit our website. You will find a way to treat and eliminate your snoring problem. Without the bother of snoring, you will feel refreshed in the morning. Your partner will also wake up refreshed and he/she will thank to your initiative to take care of the snoring problem.

If you can keep up with it, you will conquer the snoring problem as many others do.

You have made a decision, haven’t you?

You have read the 30 reasons for addressing snoring problem asap. We hope you can find a good solution on our website that caters to you.

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