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AVEOtsd Probably isn’t quite what comes to mind when you imagine an anti-snoring mouthpiece, especially when you have just been researching mandibular advancement devices (MADs). Well, it might not be what you are considering, but I think it can be a good alternative for some people, depending upon your preference.

Over five years of research went into making this noninvasive Apparatus, and although not my favourite stop snoring solution, it’s one I enjoy and recommend.

In-Depth AVEOtsd Review

The AVEOtsd is an anti-snoring aid. More specifically, it is a tongue stabilizing device (TSD). It is not by any means unique.

There Are different TSDs available to purchase, some of that cost a fraction of the purchase price. However, the AVEOtsd does seem to be a better-quality thing than the alternatives.

Quality is important with a device such as this. Snoring is not normally a short-term problem so that it requires a long-term solution.

The Mayo Clinic says adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Even if you just slept seven hours every night, that is a whopping 2,555 hours of sleep annually.

Your TSD will have to be in situ all that time so it has to be up to the job.

The normal TSD looks like a child’s comforter.

The AVEOtsd is no exception. It needs to be attached to the tongue and, once set up, it prevents the tongue from slipping back during sleep and causing obstacles that could lead to snoring.

If you think The notion of getting your tongue stretched on a nightly basis seems unprofessional, I hear ya. However, we human beings are extremely good at adapting to new conditions and the odd can very quickly become the standard.

But will the AVEOtsd have the capacity to Satisfy the Producer’s promise and cause you to”snore no more”? Is the answer really “on the tip of your tongue”?

The reality is, it may work. Then again it may not. Snoring is a problem that’s notoriously tough to tackle. The methods that work well for one person may not operate for the next.

However, unlike lots of competing devices, the AVEOtsd includes a money-back guarantee and that may only be a point in its favor.
Snore… no longer

what’s the AVEOtsd?

As already touched upon before in this review, the AVEOtsd is a TSD. It’s not merely a treatment for snoring.

The device is also intended for folks that have obstructive sleep apnea.

According to the official website, the AVEOtsd caused by 15 years of clinical research.

The study was conducted by Dr Chris Robertson. He is an expert in dental sleep medication.

Like the merchandise he subsequently developed, Robertson comes from New Zealand.

Even though it looks like plastic, the AVEOtsd is truly made from high quality, medical-grade silicone.

Apart From supplying extra durability, this selection of material makes the device more comfortable to use. It’s also gentle on tooth.
AVEOtsd anti-snoring mouthpiece

Who Makes AVEOtsd

AVEOtsd Is made by Innovative Health Technology Limited. The business is based in New Zealand, has been incorporated in November 1998, and seems to run its business in a respectable way.

Advertised Benefits

Innovative Health Technology claims the product can help you rediscover a fantastic night’s sleep.

The company also claims that the AVEOtsd is a clinically-proven, easy, inexpensive, and noninvasive solution to problem snoring.

But if the official site doesn’t offer any links to relevant studies that reveal the device has proven capabilities.

Device Classification

This is a TSD. Devices of this nature have existed for quite a while. They all lookalike and operate in a similar manner. If you shop around you can get a cheap TSD for as little as $2.

Design & Material

As Far as the look goes, the AVEOtsd appears very like any other TSD in the marketplace. The major difference seems to be the substance. Rather than using cheap plastic, Complex Health Technology has chosen to utilize medical-grade silicone instead.

Medical-grade silicone is also frequently used for medical tubing, catheters, syringe pistons, and specific medical implants.

How Can AVEOtsd Work?

If You’ve read some of my other reviews then you’re most likely aware that conventional mouthpieces stop snoring by holding the jaw in a forward position. This prevents the tongue from falling to the throat and causing an obstruction. Well, AVEOtsd has the exact same mission, but it requires a different approach.

The suction end of AVEOtsd goes on the tip of your tongue. The rest Of the system sits between the inner lips and outer teeth. It holds your tongue ahead as you are sleeping, so much like MADs, it prevents your tongue out of falling and relaxing back towards other soft tissues.

Snoring Is a complicated matter. There can be a great deal of different variables involved. However, many are associated with partial blockages in the airways during sleep.

The AVEOtsd tries to tackle this problem by pulling the tongue forward. In so doing, it retains the lower section of the organ from falling towards the back of the throat and blocking airflow.

Despite the somewhat comical look, the AVEOtsd and similar devices are extremely clever.

As Using a child’s comforter (known as a dummy in the UK), the large central disk rests against the lips. But unlike a comforter, there’s absolutely not any teat.

The lower part of a TSD consists of a hollow aperture Big enough to stick your tongue inside. The top section is somewhat curved and bulb-like.

To utilize the AVEOtsd you place it in your Mouth with the disk resting on your lips. Next, you squeeze the bulb and put your tongue in the aperture.

Once you launch the bulb, easy suction blows off your tongue further in the apparatus, drawing it forward.

The AVEOtsd Vs. Alternative Anti-Snoring Devices

Obviously, If you will spend a couple of hours with your tongue within a device of this sort, it helps if it is gentle on your flesh. The plastics used in several cheap TSD can be very harsh. Silicon is a far superior option. It is kind to your tongue and your teeth also.

Not all anti-snoring apparatus are TSDs. There are other choices available. Many work through mandibular advancement.

Devices Of the type resemble a few gum guards put back to back and combined together. Due to the way that they are designed, they pull on the lower jaw forward.

Like pulling the tongue forward, manipulating the Lower jaw position this manner can help keep the airways open and might prevent snoring.

It’s only a different method of doing the exact same thing.

The issue is, besides potential issues with distress, such devices place lots of additional strain on the teeth. They are not exactly kind to your jaw .

Can You Anticipate Any Discomfort or Side Effects?

A Product of this sort is unlikely to cause any side effects. Nor is it likely to cause the average person any distress but it might initially feel a little strange to have your tongue trapped in a plastic bubble and pulled forward.

Are TSDs debilitating?

TSDs shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear, but it might take a little time to get used to them.

AVEOtsd Usage Guidelines and Suggestions

Before You set the device in your mouth, it will help if you rinse it under hot water. The heat makes the silicone a bit softer. This assists fitment and positioning.

It’s also important to make sure the v-shaped Notch from the aperture faces your lower jaw. When it’s on top of your tongue, you’re trying to wear down it.

Finding the correct Degree of suction may initially be a case of trial and error. Ideally, you should be looking for a fit that is snug against your tongue without being too tight.

If you are new to TSDs, the maker Suggests wearing the device around your house for a couple of days during your waking hours. Doing this may help you adapt to the new tongue-mouth sensation.

Maintenance Requirements & Product Longevity

The AVEOtsd is a low-maintenance product. It is made from durable material and contains no moving parts. There isn’t really a lot to go wrong.

The Hygiene requirements are the nearest thing to care. That’s not likely to be complicated. It is will be just a case of draining the device after every use.

I see no reason why a product like this Should not last for many years. The manufacturer seems to believe the exact same thing. It is offering a 2-year warranty on workmanship and materials.

Devices that operate by mandibular advancement often only have a 6-month lifespan. So far as durability goes, the AVEOtsd compares very favorably with such products.

AVEOtsd Customer Reviews

Among the most important problems with this product is the absence of reliable customer testimonials.

There are a couple of testimonials on the company’s site, but I don’t see that as a trustworthy source of feedback.

The Site doesn’t offer a means for readers to enter comments via an internet form. That means the comments you see should have been handpicked by Sophisticated Health Technology.

No manufacturer will pick testimonials which produce its products seem bad and might drive away prospective customers.

All of the reviews on the site look under the heading”What Our Happy Customers Say.”

That’s a fairly honest means of presenting them, I guess.

However, While I look at comments, I want to find out what the unhappy clients are saying as well. Products of this nature never have a 100% success rate.

I scoured the web for resources of independent feedback (by clients, not affiliates) but was not able to discover any.

AVEOtsd Review Summary

The Device is not going to appeal to everybody, but it is an excellent item which should work for lots of men and women. However, the sizing leaves a lot to be desired.

The manufacturer says 90 percent of people find the medium-size Is ideal for them. It then suggests ordering this size if you don’t feel your tongue is too large or small.

How can you determine the Size of your tongue? You can not exactly measure it. Sure, if you’re able to use yours to scratch your chin or the tip of your nose, you have probably got an unusually large piece of licking experience on your mouth.

However, the ordinary man or woman will have no idea whether the period of the tongue is ordinary or not.

That Makes ordering the AVEOtsd somewhat hit and miss. You have 9 chances out of 10 in getting it right, but one chance in ten of getting it wrong.

And what if your tongue is larger or smaller than you thought? It appears you’ll have thrown your money down the drain.

The official website states:

“Please Be aware that for health and security reasons if you change your mind after purchase, products aren’t refundable if the packaging has been opened and the product used.”

That is a one in ten chance of throwing away $100 with nothing to show for it. Personally, I don’t like those odds. Innovative Health Technology should look into ways of helping its clients get the sizing right.

How Much Can AVEOtsd Cost?

As Far as the cost goes, the AVEOtsd isn’t affordable. At the time of this review, it cost $99. That is for the medium size. If you require small or large, you’ll have to pay $10 more.

Each AVEOtsd Includes a Handy plastic storage case to keep it clean when it is not being used, but it is still a great deal of wonga for something of this type.

Having Said that, it is tough to put a price on a great night’s sleep. If the AVEOtsd can help you get it and make sure your partner has a quiet night it’ll be worth every cent.

Does Anti-Snoring Apparatus Need a Prescription?

In Most nations of the world, there isn’t any requirement for a prescription. However, the USA is the exception. FDA regulations allow it to be a prescription-only item.

What’s the Guarantee

Innovative Health Technology delivers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

On The face of it, that looks quite good. Ninety days is a long time. It offers you lots of time to set the device through its paces and see how well it works for you.

However, it might not just be a case of saying that the AVEOtsd is not working for you and then getting a refund.

The terms and conditions page on the AVEOtsd website shows a couple of stipulations.

If You say the AVEOtsd is not working for you, Complex Health Technology reserves the right to provide advice on ways you can boost your use of the device.

You will then have to use the device, in the Suggested manner, for a further 14 days before the company will consider issuing an RMA so that you can return the device to the provider’s head office in New Zealand.

There is no way you can consider this a no quibbles guarantee. Regardless, it’s completely possible that disgruntled customers might have the ability to turn things around by following the extra tailored advice.

If they can, that is all well and good. Stopping snoring is the name of the game, after all.

Innovative Health Technology also provides a two-year warranty on materials and workmanship. That’s certainly great to see.

Where to Purchase the AVEOtsd

Innovative Health Technology has created a unique site which explains what the AVEOtsd is and how it works.

If you would like to obtain an AVEOtsd the official website is the only place to go.

Innovative Health Technology makes it very clear it doesn’t promote the AVEOtsd via any other stations and warns prospective customers not to be duped into buying cheap counterfeit versions.

My Expertise

The Website recommends wearing AVEOtsd for a week around the home to get used to it. We were fairly comfortable with the layout since we’d lately tried Good Morning Snore Option (GMSS). Thus, we only wore it off and on until the next night before we began the trial.

I will say that I think I drooled a lot more with AVEOtsd than I ever did with Good Morning Snore Option (see me AVEOtsd vs. GMSS contrast ), Also it was a little harder for me to attain the right suction. In actuality, once I woke up the first morning, I discovered it had fallen off at some stage. My spouse’s apparatus stayed on all night. She was energized and in a terrific mood. I was still half asleep. I can only presume it dropped off early, so I snored and slept badly all night.

The following night, I left the suction somewhat stronger, and that I had been Thrilled to wake up the next morning with it still in place. My wife had gotten up in the middle of the night for some water, and she said I was not snoring in any way. The next night, our senior dog woke me up to let him out for a toilet break, and my wife was sleeping soundly. I didn’t hear a peep from her.

The AVEOtsd was capable of stopping our snoring for the seven-day trial. I did struggle to obtain the perfect suction a few nights, but it just dropped off the first night. Additionally, by the fifth morning, neither of us had a sore tongue .

Do to the layout it can not be worn by individuals who breathe through Their mouth, so it’s not acceptable for those who have nasal polyps, deviated septum, or sinus difficulties. In case you have allergies, you’ll wish a backup option for those nights when your nose is stuffy and you must breathe through your mouth.

  • Some snorers will need to get a spacer added for their apparatus to be effective.
  • The silicone which this unit consists of will discolor if you have GERD.


What happens when my AVEOtsd drops off during the evening?

If You’ve the strain right, your TSD should stay in position all night. However, once you’re still getting used to the device, it is possible you can get it wrong.
Because of its size and layout, the AVEOtsd is not likely to fall into your mouth or choke you. It should simply drop on your pillow.
If this occurs the worse thing you can expect is to begin snoring.

Can the AVEOtsd stop sleep apnea?

An AVEOtsd is not likely to prevent sleep apnea but it should enhance airflow, preventing snoring and other symptoms of sleep apnea.

Is the AVEOtsd Safe?

Yes. The AVEOtsd is a really secure way to control snoring. Nevertheless, in the interests of hygiene, it is important to keep it clean.

Is your AVEOtsd acceptable for everyone who snores?

Although It’s acceptable for everyone to use, it might not be effective for everybody. It all depends on the motives behind the snoring.

Can I use an AVEOtsd if I wear dentures?

There Are no hard and fast reasons why you ought not use the device using dentures. However, sleeping with your dentures is never a great idea.
For things of dental hygiene, it is preferable to wash out the dentures and leave them soaking in a glass of water beside your bed.
Eliminating your dentures before sleep may also provide your gums and the bone under them time to rest and recuperate from a complete day of denture use.

Is your AVEOtsd a long-term insomnia solution?

The Device is made of durable material and made for long-term usage. If its ability to pull the tongue forward is enough to prevent you from snoring, there’s absolutely not any reason why it shouldn’t continue to do so for several years to come.

What if it does not stop me snoring?

As With any other device of this sort, the AVEOtsd is not likely to work for everyone. If it does not work for you, the first thing to do is Get in touch with the manufacturer within three months of purchasing it.
Although There’s a 90-day money-back guarantee, the organization may not offer an immediate refund. It may provide advanced usage directions instead.
If the problem still persists after implementing the recommendations, you’ll be eligible for refund.

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