Ineffective Snoring Remedies

People often do not like to admit they have snoring problem, which makes them a little embarrassed. People are not willing to go to doctor to treat their snoring issue either because they think it is an insignificant problem or they do not think the doctor can cure their problem. In fact, the conservative treatment from a doctor is often a big awful mask for you to wear in every night. The radical remedy is a surgery which may cause pain during long time recovery period. And the surgical remedy is not necessarily effective on you. Moreover, the treatment cost is not covered by insurance companies because they  think snoring is not a medical problem. People like simple remedies for their snoring problem. It is better if the snoring remedy can be used in home. The device should be easy to use and the cost should be low. Anti-snoring mouthpieces are such alternatives which are inexpensive and effective.

Distinguish mouth guards from anti-snoring mouthpieces

If you search for the stop-snoring mouthpieces on the internet for the first time, you may find many devices look very similar to anti-snoring mouthpieces but are sold at very low price. In fact there devices are just mouth guards for protecting teeth grinding in sleep. The anti-snoring mouthpieces are more complex thus more expensive. They work the different ways. MAD mouthpieces, for example, work by pulling your lower jaw a little in advance of your upper jaw to prevent the tongue from sliding back to block the air channel of the throat. Some stop-snoring mouthpieces have elegant adjustment system that makes the cost even higher. Do not be tempted by the cheap price to buy the wrong device that is useless for your problem.

Effective Snoring Remedies

For some people, the most effective remedy for their snoring problem is changing their lifestyle. The following are the best three ways to cure snoring:

  1. quit smoking
  2. drink less alcohol
  3. lose your weight

The effectiveness of these methods is that it can not only stop or reduce the snoring but also get rid of the snoring thoroughly and permanently. But these remedies are not applicable for all people who snore.

Something needed to mention

Even a snoring remedy is actually effective for you, you may need several days to see the effectiveness. Some people are lucky enough to get relief from their snoring the first night they use the device. Others need several nights to get used to the remedy.

Even the best anti-mouthpieces in the market are not effective for all people. On average, MAD mouthpieces have the effective rate of 85%. Reputable companies do not claim their mouthpieces work for everybody. If your mouthpiece does not work for you, do not give up, try to find another mouthpiece with a different design and that may be your solution.

Fortunately, most good companies provide a money back guarantee for their customers. Other companies have a trial period in which you only pay the freight fee. The refund period ranges form 30-90 days, which is enough for you to decide whether the remedy is suitable for you. If you do not see a refund policy, or the policy is so strict that actually makes it impossible to get your money back, do not purchase a mouthpiece from the manufacturer.

I suggest you do some research on the stop snoring mouthpiece you decide to buy.   Knowing what you expect and what you look for will help you away from problematic vendors and cheap traps.

What to consider before buying a stop-snoring remedy?

Why the anti snoring devices can stop you from snoring? To know the science behind the devices, you should know the cause of snoring. Snoring is the vibration when air forces its way through the blockage of the throat  which is usually caused by the relaxation of the tongue or the buildup of fat in the throat. Now you should know those remedies for clearing your nasal passages won’t help in stopping snoring unless you are a nasal snorer.

There are tons of anti-snoring devices on the market. Although some are more effective than the others, none of them can cure snoring. Anti-snoring devices can only stop or reduce snoring when you wear them, but won’t cure snoring (you will snore again when the device is removed). If an adverser claims its device can cure snoring, do not believe it and do not buy the device from it.

The material used to make the mouthpiece is an important factor to consider. The device should be made of BPA free plastics or medical grade silicon to be considered safe to use in your mouth. The vendors may claim their materials are safe, but you should verify it yourself. The lifespan of the mouthpiece also discloses the quality of the device. Good quality mouthpieces can last more than 3 months(even more than a year) before replacement.

Is the remedy suitable for you? You may find many MAD (Mandibular Adjustment Device) mouthpieces in the market that are said to be effective in stopping snoring. But MAD devices are not suitable for all people. Using a MAD device may damage your health if you have some other problems. You should consider other alternatives such as a TRD(Tongue Retaining Device).

Something you may be interested in

Do you know where the huge amount of mouthpieces on the internet come? See the wholesalers on alibaba. Many of the anti-snoring mouthpiece wholesalers are Chinese vendors. I’m wondering how they get their products “FDA cleared”. Some sellers are sport safe companies who produce boxing mouth guards before. Although those inexpensive mouthpieces may work, some are too cheap to make people believe they can stop snoring.



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