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Normally, MADs reduce snoring for approximately 90 percent of users. PureSleep has a Slightly lower average effectiveness rating of approximately 85%, but results with any anti-snoring mouthpiece are highly subjective. If you wish to try a cheap anti-snoring mouthpiece, this may be just the thing for you.

PureSleep may work well for you if:

  • Have dental implants or partial dentures that other devices won’t adapt
  • Wish to test-drive a MAD that is in a lower price range

PureSleep Isn’t recommended for:

  • People who have central sleep apnea, respiratory issues, and current dental implants
  • People unwilling to adapt to the mouthpiece and work through some jaw soreness

So you are finally ready to take on your snoring problem head-on? Tired of getting your spouse wake you in the middle of the night telling you that you are snoring up a storm? Or is it your spouse keeping you awake depriving you of a fantastic night’s sleep? However, you don’t need to wake up tired and groggy from a poor night’s sleep. There is no reason for this given all of the anti-snoring choices that are out there now. You only have to find what works for you.

Most of these options need Implementing modifications to your sleeping habits – this is another crucial point that has to be taken into consideration when deciding what works best for you and your spouse.

Mouthpieces Have been in existence for quite a while and are considered very effective in relieving and even stopping snoring completely in certain people. Not all mouthguards are created equal and they vary greatly in features, functions, and costs.

Let’s Look at PureSleep which Is among the top contenders from the anti-snoring mouthpiece market. We are going to review some of the PureSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece opinions and opinions and see what the users are saying.

Does it work? Can it work for you? Let us break it down so that you can make an informed choice.

PureSleep Mouthpiece Overview

PureSleep Was Made by two doctors Who prescribed it to their patients as an anti-snoring mandibular advancement device (MAD) to help alleviate snoring and teeth grinding. Mouthpieces at the time would cost up to tens of thousands of dollars.

“Many of my patients were not able Or unwilling to pay thousands of dollars to get a custom-made snoring mouthpiece so I devised PureSleep.” – Douglas Fenton, DDS

They set out to create an anti-snoring Mouthguard that was accessible and affordable to everyone without having a prescription or visiting a doctor to buy it.

How Can PureSleep Mouthpiece Work

Snoring is often caused by the tongue And throat muscles relaxing as you sleep. You fall asleep and so does your tongue, it forgets to remain where it belongs! It slips back into your throat and causes a vibration once the air passes through. Snoring includes a range, it may come out in soft whistles or you might actually seem like a grizzly bear and be heard throughout the entire house. No matter how soft or loud your snoring is that you are likely keeping yourself or your spouse awake. Other unpleasant effects of snoring are waking up with a dry mouth and feeling tired and unproductive during the day.

Not all snoring is caused by the tongue falling back or the airway collapsing. Snoring may also be due to obstructed nasal passages due to allergies or a deviated septum. These need other anti-snoring options like nose dilators and nasal strips.

PureSleep is a mandibular Advancement device (MAD) that gently attracts your lower jaw forward as you sleep to keep your tongue from falling back into your throat. The idea is demonstrated to work and there are now many aggressive anti-snoring mouthpiece companies out there providing affordable mouth guards. The idea is the same for them all, but the layout, features, and costs vary.

PureSleep is a custom-fit mouthpiece Using a boil-and-bite design for optimum comfort. PureSleep has a special quality that can adjust to your bite. This makes PureSleep easier to get accustomed to and perform better when compared with the generic mouthpiece.

According to your bite type (regular Overbite, mild overbite or a serious overbite), you can adjust and build the upper and lower jaw bits.

After assembling both pieces In accordance with your sting form, you boil the mouthpiece and bite into it so that it can mold your teeth perfectly. Read the instructions carefully to get the best fit possible. It’s possible to reboil the mouthpiece and try up to three times if you are feeling like you did not get the perfect fit the first time.

The mouthguard is made of FDA-cleared Latex-free substances and is produced in the united states. It is reasonably priced at $69.95 per mouthpiece. They’ve a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event you’re not pleased with the product. Delivery is free and it includes a return shipping label to make returns easy and free of charge to you.

You Can Buy the PureSleep mouthguard on their website or via Your dentist once you answer a set of questions to be certain the mouthpiece is a fantastic fit for you. This questionnaire is unique to PureSleep and it provides invaluable information regarding you and your snoring. They evaluate your replies and assess if their mouthpiece can help you or not.

What Users Are Saying – PureSleep Reviews

PureSleep isn’t available on Amazon or any other site aside from the PureSleep site . Shipping may take up to a month depending upon your location.

Let us take a look at some comments from reviewers and users who have given PureSleep an attempt for assistance with their snoring.

“I’ve Been using PureSleep for Many years with excellent results. From the very first night, snoring ceased and in a few days, I started to feel more comfortable with it in my mouth than not. At one point I believed other apparatus but realized that I need to stay with PureSleep as it works.”

“Use it every night to stop snoring. Can be molded for a terrific fit. Each one usually lasts 3-5 weeks depending on how good I get the match. I’ve tried other brands and return to Pure Sleep every moment.”

“I have been using this product For many years now…I am quite delighted with it….it helps not just with snoring but also with my teeth grinding…I wish I’d have known about it years ago. . .it requires a few nights to get used to it but as soon as you do you will be quite pleased with your purchase. . .mine last for quite a while….maybe about a year or so. . .just wash it off after every use and Perhaps soak it in some mouthwash once in a while…”

“I have been using the product for The greater part of 13 years. However, I have always ordered two units at the same time because no two experiences of making the components match are ever exactly the same. I squander 1 from 2 every time for the last 13 years. Once fitted correctly, they work exceptionally well….but that’s always a toss-up for me….Always anxiety when I need to generate a new one. . .and they are not really inexpensive. I really like the product…I very much dislike the fitting process.”

“Hard to breathe through. Also Not able to swallow with it in your mouth so saliva builds up. Just can not sleep with this in my mouth. Might work for others. Not for me.”

“Have been using this product for Years but recently began snoring – I just don’t think it’s flexible enough especially after casting and I have gone to a better brand. Before doing this I emailed PS hoping to get a replacement but no reply so I changed brands and am much happier with one that’s flexible after molding.”

Clearly there is an adaptation period. This period may be longer for some users and some can not get used to the mouthpiece in any respect. The frequent pain, soreness, and drooling that’s mentioned seems to dissipate after the adaptation period but may be sufficient for many users to stop using the device. Close attention ought to be paid at the time of fitting because it can cause damaging the bite. Maintaining the mouthpiece clean and sanitary is essential in preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

A frequent feedback was that the little airflow holes which make it tough to breathe through your mouth.


  • Precision fit (boil-and-bite) feature.
  • Adjustable to 3 different bite kinds.
  • Possible to utilize partial dentures and teeth implants.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Extended delivery time.
  • Jaw teeth and pain soreness.
  • Drooling.
  • Requires replacing every 6-9 months.
  • Needs cleaning daily.
  • Airflow holes can be too small for some users.

Can PureSleep Work – Is PureSleep Made for You

PureSleep retains a good reputation for helping some snorers. This mouthpiece might be a good alternative for you if you understand your bite kind and know which sort of snorer you’re.

Recommended for you if:

  • Are a mouth snorer.
  • Are eager to experience the potential pain and soreness during the adjustment period.
  • Want an inexpensive anti-snoring solution.
  • Keen to answer the lengthy questionnaire prior to buying.

Not recommended for you if:

  • Are a nose snorer.
  • Have sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.
  • Have new dental implants.
  • Not ready to go through the adjustment period.
  • Do not want to take a risk because of possible long term side effects

How PureSleep Differs From Other Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

PureSleep has a much more customized snack setting than other similar over-the-counter anti-snoring mouthpieces. Based on three kinds of snack (standard, underbite, or overbite), you pre-adjust the mouthpiece and it’s further customized using the boil and bite procedure.

Based on aggregated customer information and our own study, we discovered that PureSleep works well for a broad assortment of snorers. The procedure to personalize the mouthpiece is more involved than other MADs on the industry and it is FDA-approved as a Class II medical device for snoring treatment.


PureSleep seems to be a leading contender In the mouthpiece business and you might choose to give it an attempt to put a stop to your snoring (or your spouse’s snoring).

We believe that the questionnaire on Their website is a superb start and it is helpful to determine if you’re a good candidate or not. This helps narrow down available solutions for you, as a snorer.

PureSleep isn’t advisable if you do not like to sleep with something in your mouth. Most users state they can get used to it after 3-5 nights, but many users simply can’t have a fantastic night’s sleep with a mouthguard in their mouths.

Mouthpieces are among the many anti-snoring solutions out there today. Obviously, we believe that the less invasive options are The best for comfort and decent sleep. If you do not want to change Anything about your sleep pattern and can not stand putting a mouthguard In your mouth each night, then you may want to try a contact-free snoring remedy .

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