Questions about Devices for Treating Snoring

What Is the Snoring Problem?

You must be familiar with snoring. For some people, the tissues in the tongue or throat are collapsed and squeezed together, which blocks the airway of the throat. When breathing, the air forces its way through the blockage that causes the snoring sound.

Can my health be damaged by long term snoring?

Although occasional snoring does not affect your health, long term snoring is very harmful to your health. Scientists have found the relationship between the snoring and many health problems including

  • Stroke
  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Acid Reflux
  • Injury
  • Arrhythmia
  • Mental Problems
  • Headache

The Causes Of Snoring

The reasons for snoring are complex. Here are some:

  • The jaw is not aligned well.
  • deviated septum, nasal polyps, cold, or other types of nasal obstruction
  • excessive fat buildup in the throat
  • sleeping posture
  • Some kinds of drugs and alcohol can cause the throat to relax that leads to snoring.
  • sleep apnea
  • The muscle in the throat is weak causing the throat to close in the sleep.

You can see some reasons are lifestyle related. If you can change your bad habits, you can get rid of the snoring problem.

What does TSD stand for?

TSD stands for Tongue Stabilizing Device. This is another type of stop-snoring devices. The device sucks and sticks onto the tip of the tongue and pulls it forwards. The flange of the device is put against the outside of the mouth so it will prohibit the tongue from sliding back to restrict the throat. TSD devices are less common than MAD devices and used in circumstances where MAD devices are not applicable such as for people who have dentures. But TSD devices have a limitation that they do not allow people to breathe through mouth. You have to breathe through your nose when asleep.

What does MAD stand for?

MAD stands for Mandibular Adjustment Device. This is a big category of anti-snoring devices. The designs of all MADs are similar. The device is put in between your lower teeth and upper teeth. The lower jaw of the device is slightly forward of the upper jaw. So when in place, it will force the tongue to move forwards and keep the airway of throat open. MAD devices are said to be effective for 85% of the people who snore.

What is the “Boil and Bite” procedure?

The Boil & Bite procedure is used to fit the MAD mouthpieces to your mouth and teeth. Only after this process can the mouthpiece be fitted better to the particular shape of your mouth. The procedure is: Submerge the device under boiling water for about 20 seconds; After cool enough, put it in your mouth and bite down onto it to let the mouthpiece fit the contour of your teeth; Remove the mouthpiece mouthpiece and cool it in cold water. The process may be repeated for 2-3 times to achieve the best fit. After the boil&bite process, the mouthpiece is tailored for you. The detailed Boil&Bite steps can be found in the instructions of individual vendors.

What a stop-snoring mouthpiece can bring to you?

Good sleep quality for both you and your partner. A refresh and alerted feeling in the morning is good to keep you energetic in the whole day. More important, stop snoring can let you away from severe diseases caused by long period of snoring and keep you healthy.

Can stop snoring mouthpieces treat OSA?

Anti-snoring mouthpieces can be used as CPAP alternatives to helpĀ  treat moderate or mild OSA(obstructive sleep apnea). People have server OSA or rare Central Sleep Apnea should not use anti-snoring mouthpieces. They need more special treatment.

The difference between expensive mouthpiece and cheap mouthpiece

You may find mouthpieces at very low price on the internet. But be cautious buying it. Some of these cheap mouthpieces are made of poisonous non-medical grade materials. The inferior materials may put your health on high risks considering you will place the device in your mouth for a long time.

Can anti-snoring devices cure snoring?

Unfortunately, anti-snoring mouthpieces can only stop the snoring. After removing the device, you will snore again.

The time stop-snoring devices needs to take effect

The effect is usually immediate. You can notice the effect the first night you wear the anti-snoring device. The result is even better after you get used to the device.

With a mouthpiece placed in mouth, can I breathe through mouth?

If your mouthpiece has a breathing hole or slots in front of it, you can breathe through mouth without a problem. Otherwise, like most TSD mouthpieces do, you have to breathe trough your nose in the night. The situation is worse when you catch a cold or develop some kind of allergy which block your nose. In such cases, you cannot wear the mouthpiece until the issue disappears.

If I have dentures, can I use stop-snoring mouthpieces?

If you wear dentures, I suggest you use a TSD mouthpiece because TSD deivces are held in place by the outside of your mouth while MAD devices are held in place by the teeth. The dentures make it hard to hold the MAD mouthpieces. Some vendors of MADs make some improvements to let their products be more friendly to denture wearers. You may have a try with these new products.

Can I buy a stop snoring device without prescription?

Most anti-snoring mouthpieces are FDA class II medical devices, which need a prescription to order. But most mouthpiece vendors have a workaround by providing a detailed usage instruction. According to the Federal Regulation Code, if vendors can “give adequate directions for use”, they can sell their products legally without prescription.

The side effects of stop-snoring devices

You do not need to worry about the side effects of anti-snoring mouthpieces. Although there do exist some drawbacks of using mouthpieces such as the excessive salivation or the soreness of jaw(for MAD devices) or tongue(for TSD devices), the problems will disappear soon after you used to them.

money back guarantee policy

Some people may find the anti-snoring mouthpiece is not effective for them. Most manufactures have a refund satisfaction guarantee, others have a trial period. The refund period ranges from 30 days to 90 days. If you are unsuccessful in using their products or not satisfied with their services during this period of time, you can return the device and get your money back(except the packing and shipping fee, usually).

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