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SleepTight snoring  mouthpiece is a MAD type mouthpiece invented by a dentist. It is FDA cleared.  It claims to cure snoring issue. We will look into how it works.

Although snoring is an old problem, devices to curb snoring are relatively new. The First MAD(Mandibular Advancement Devices) device to fix the snoring problem was invented only 30-40 years ago. 

The mouthpieces are terrible in their infant stage. They are sewn with wires. They need to be customized by a dentist, thus the price is very high. The feeling of wearing it is also uncomfortable  because of multiple pressure points. The failure of repeated designs made it more expensive.

The situation has changed in recent years. Now there are plenty of anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market claiming to resolve your snoring problem. The years a device sold at the price of several thousand dollar have past and you do not need to go to a dentist to customize the device any longer.

The latest mouthpieces use the ‘boil and bite’  procedure to customize the device to fit your mouth. You cannot see the wires sticking out the devices like their ancestors. You can order them online comfortably in your home and do not need a prescription.

One of the newest devices is SleepTight. It also uses the Thermoplastic ‘boil and bite’ technology. Before using the SleepTight mouthpiece the first time, heat it up in boiling water, then put it into your mouth and close your teeth. This will create a teeth impression on the mouthpiece. Then put the mouthpiece into cold water and the shape will be fixed and customized according to your mouth and teeth.

Who is the Creator of SleepTight?

The inventor of SleepTight is Dr. Michael Williams DDS  in Ft. Lauderdale. He designed and developed SleepTight himself.  This old man graduated from University of Tennessee with a DDS degree. After graduation, he worked in Ft. as a cosmetic dental expert for about 30 years.  Dr. Michael Williams retired in 2005 as a dentist.

After 5 years of preparation, Dr. Michael Williams began his new career in online retail business. He started to sell mouth guards, stop snoring mouthpieces, and teeth-whitening products. He built his website in 2013 and applied for FDA clearance of the mouthpiece. Now FDA has approved his application and his mouthpieces can be sold and used throughout US.

FDA Cleared

FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) clearance is the prerequisite of selling dental devices in USA. Without FDA approval, selling such devices is illegal. However, getting official approval from FDA is a time-consuming process, usually taking several months.

How does FDA do to clear a mouthpiece product? FDA tests the design, the chemical composition, and other factors to ensure it is safe to use. So you now understand why it is important to check whether a snoring mouthpiece is FDA cleared because it is vital to your health. But anybody can claim his product is FDA cleared by putting the FDA logo on his website. How to check FDA approval? You need to check it on FDA’s website. For SleepTight, you can verify it here.

What can You Expect?

Like other MAD mouthpieces, SleepTight is not appropriate for you if you have central sleep apnea, asthma, TMJ, or dental problems.

A special feature of SleepTight is that it has a breathing  hole in front of the mouthpiece that allows you to breathe through mouth. Although you are not required to breathe through mouth, it is a good news for those mouth-breathers considering some other products like the Good Morning Snore Solution which only allow you to breathe through nose at night.

Like other MAD mouth guards, you may have an experience of salivation in the fisrt days of wearing SleepTight mouthpiece. I suggest you put a towel nearby your face when you are asleep. This  won’t appear once you are used to the instrument.

Another little shortcoming of SleepTight, like other MAD mouthpieces, is that your lower jaw may feel sore in the first few days. The soreness comes from the pulling of your jaw overnight by this device as it is designed to clear the airway of your throat for you to breathe easy and stop your snoring.   The soreness will typically disappear after several days. If the soreness lasts, do not use this kind of  MAD mouthpieces or it may harm you.

SleepTight mouthpiece has a lifespan between 6 months and 2 years. This is longer than most other similar products. Considering the price is only $60, it is an economical and affordable product for you.

Customer Reviews

sleeptight mouthpieceAll customers admit SleepTight really works. I have not seen really bad words against it. You may notice that Dr Michael Williams is very proud of his product and the product is FDA cleared. This is different than some other products, which you even do not know who created them and who are selling them. I have impressed by one customer’s review in which he said he stopped snoring at the first night of using it and his wife woke up refreshed in the morning and told him he breathe steadily at night and did not make a noise. The additional benefit  is that not only you stop snoring but also your partner becomes more refreshed and happier when he/she wakes up. This leads to a better life.



We recommend SleepTight mouthpiece because it is effective and affordable although it is not as adjustable as the SnoreRX and a little uncomfortable compared to the ZQuiet.

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