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Snoremeds MouthpieceSeeking the remedy of snoring problem never ends for people who suffer from it. On the lookout for snoring solutions, I find MAD(mandibular adjustment device) mouthpieces are more effective. I always compare the ways to stop snoring and try to find the best anti-snoring method. The product must be easy to use, effective, and comfortable. SnoreMeds is one of the products I’ve tried. SnoreMeds mouthpiece is a MAD. The best part of it is it can be adjusted to suit your jaws and mouth, which is better than those fixed-type mouthpieces. If you’ve tried other mouthpieces but felt uncomfortable with them, try SnoreMeds to see if it helps.

Purchase a SnoreMeds stop-snoring mouthpiece

snoremeds mouthpieceBefore ordering a SnoreMeds mouthpiece, you should know the size of your mouth so you can choose the correct size. SnoreMeds has two sizes of mouthpiece available: the regular size is said to be suitable to men, and the smaller size suits to women. Of course it is just difference in size. You can buy the small version if you have a small mouth, even you are a male.

SnoreMeds mouthpiece is not as durable as some other MADs I’ve seen. They officially claim the device can last for 4 months which is relatively short. You can get big discount if you buy 2 or more mouthpieces. SnoreMeds has a refund period of 45 days which is longer than the usual 30-day refund period. But the money back guarantee is applicable if you only order a single mouthpiece. In the refund period, if you find the device does not work for you, you can claim your money back.

Fit the SnoreMeds Mouthpiece to your mouth

Open the box you receive from SnoreMeds, you will find:  an anti-bacterial storage case, a spatula, and a mouthpiece. Before you use the SnoreMeds mouthpiece for the first time, you should mold it to the shape of your mouth. The detailed instructions can be found in the guide of SnoreMeds. You can also see the video guide on SnoreMeds’ website to learn the adjustment procedure. Basically, you need to adjust the lower jaw to be 1/16-1/8 inch(or 3-5mm) in front of the upper jaw, submerge the mouthpiece into boiling water to make it soft,  insert the device into your mouth, then bite into the plastic for a while.

My experience of using SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece

Here is the report based on my trial of the SnoreMeds mouthpiece. I watched the video on its website about how to mold the mouthpiece. I followed the exact steps in the video instructions except using a cup instead of a glass because I was afraid the boiling water might crack the glass.

After the shaping and fitting, I wore it for that night.One of the reasons I choose SnoreMeds mouthpiece is that it has breathing slots allowing me to breathe through mouth. This is important for me because I am a mouth-breather in sleep. Other mouthpieces that are friendly to mouth-breathers include SleepTight and ZQuiet.

It did not take time for me to get accusmtomed to SnoreMeds mouthpiece because I had tried quite a few MAD mouthpieces before. Those who have not used mouthpieces may need some time to get used to it. They may find the mouthpiece drops out of the mouth when they wake up in the morning, or they may have excessive salivation at night. This is normal. To get used to it asap, you can wear it before bed, then you may forget the device when you go to sleep.

snoremeds mouthpieceNow comes the point: Did the SnoreMeds mouthpiece really work for me? The answer is yes, the anti-snoring mouthpiece was very effective for me. I knew this because my wife did not nudge me at that night to stop my snoring as usual.The next morning, I cleaned the mouthpiece after brushing my teeth, and put it in the anti-bacterial case. Before I used the mouthpiece again at night, I rinsed it using cold water.

My trial proves the effectiveness of SnoreMeds mouthpiece. This stop-snoring mouthpiece is indeed easy to use and cheap.

If well adjusted, you can see whether SnoreMeds is effective on you at the first night. If it does work for you, maybe the device was not adjusted correctly. You have another opportunity of heating and fitting it again. But it is the last chance you can do this.

But how do I do if SnoreMeds does not work for me?

MAD mouthpieces do not work effectively in about 15% of cases. In such cases, you can ask for a refund. Considering the low price of this anti snoring device, you are worth having a try. Maybe this small device can give a huge improvement on the quality of your life.
Notice and Reminder

When I searched the Internet trying to find a cheaper price to buy SnoreMeds, I found several websites selling similar products. You cannot tell which is the genuine one from its appearance. Some are much cheaper than others. Some come from Chinese websites. You should notice that this is a product you place in your mouth for 8 hours a day. The material it is made of is important to your health. Toxic plastic looks the same as FDA certificated latex-free and BPA-free plastic. But only the latter is allowed to be used in dental devices.

You should also know if you are among the people MAD mouthpieces including SnoreMeds are not suitable to. You can find some conditions SnoreMeds are unsuitable to you on its website. There are other situations they do not list on its website including implanted teeth, jaw problems, and lung problems. These conditions are also applied to other MAD mouthpieces. So consult your doctor or a dentist to know the exact conditions and if you can use SnoreMeds mouthpiece.
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