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Vitalsleep MouthpieceIf you go to VitalSleep’s website, you can find this tip: Try to snore as you do at sleep, then move your lower jaw forward and try again to see if you can snore. If you cannot make a snoring sound in this experiment, VitalSleep mouthpiece will be effective for you.

VitalSleep mouthpiece is very simple in design. Its cost is also very low. But the simplicity does not affect its functionality. You will find this minimal device is very easy to use and you can get accustomed to it in a short period of time.

VitalSleep mouthpiece is one of the MAD(mandibular adjustment device) mouthpieces I have tried. It features a unique adjustment system that can change the offset of the lower jaw. Remember ZQuiet which has two mouthpieces with different lower jaw offset in a pack? Compared to that, VitalSleep gives you more freedom to adjust the mouthpiece to fit your mouth.

Something you should know about VitalSleep

  • This product is manufactured in California, USA.
  • If you order  a wrong size, you can request free replacement.
  • VitalSleep can last for 12-24 months, which is more durable than most other MADs.
  • You can request a free replacement within a year if the mouthpiece is damaged for some reason.
  • The material VitalSleep mouthpiece uses is BPA-free and Latex-free thermoplastic which is FDA-compliant and safe.
  • VitalSleep has got FDA clearance for its mouthpiece.
  • There is a patent regarding to the VitalSleep mouthpiece.
  • As other good companies do, VitalSleep also has a 30-day refund policy. The good news is that the 30-day period begins when you receive the mouthpiece, not when you order the product online or the shipment date. Anytime during this period, you can get your money back.
  • When requesting the refund, you should fill a form online and get a RMA authorization number.

Features and Sizing

VitalSleep comes with two sizes of mouthpieces. The smaller size is for women and the larger size or the regular size is suited to men. Note that both sizes can be further adjusted to fit the shape of your mouth using the “boil and bite” procedure.

VitalSleep mouthpiece has a breathing hole at the front, which allows people to breathe through mouth while wearing it as ZQuiet. Another important feature is the adjustment mechanism for the position of the lower jaw, which has been talked about above. This adjustment system can make the mouthpiece fit your mouth better thus make you feel more comfortable. Moreover, VitalSleep mouthpiece allows your jaw to move from side to side, which makes people feel less restricted.

The “Boil and Bite” procedure

Before you use VitalSleep mouthpiece, you should adjust the instrument to suit your mouth. The mouthpiece is more effective and more comfortable when it fits your mouth better. The adjustment and fitting steps are called “Boil and Bite” procedure, which is detailed in the guide of VitalSleep.

  1. Push the handle into the place on the mouthpiece.
  2. Put the device in a container, then pour boiling water  to cover the mouthpiece. Note that the whole device must be immersed under the water. Wait for about ten seconds then remove the device from the hot water.
  3. Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth with the triangle sign on the mouthpiece pointing upwards. Then bite down and wait for about 15 seconds.
  4. Remove the mouthpiece from your mouth and cool it in cold water.

The procedure may need to be repeated for several times (not more than 3 times) until the mouthpiece fits your mouth well.

After the “Boil and Bite” procedure is finished, you can place it in the mouth and further adjust the offset of the lower jaw. You can also do this when you lie on the bed and are ready to sleep. During the adjustment, you should note: set the VitalSleep mouthpiece equally on both sides of your mouth(the marking on the mouthpiece can help you with this); use the hex key to adjust the offset on both sides to get the best fit. The whole process may take a little time.

The result

VitalsleepWhen I laid down on the bed wearing the VitalSleep  mouthpiece, I did not know whether the offset was well adjusted. I changed several positions and offsets to feel the different comfort of the device.

There was some room on the sides for the VitalSleep  mouthpiece to move laterally. This achieved a better fit and a better comfort.  And the most important achievement was I did not snore at all in the night(reported by my wife). So VitalSleep mouthpiece did work for me.

The rinse of VitalSleep mouthpiece is a little difficult due to the adjuster. Toothpaste or toothbrush is not a good tool to clean the VitalSleep mouthpiece. I suggest to use a denture cleaner to do the clean job.

Other thoughts about VitalSleep mouthpiece

As with other MAD mouthpieces, a few people who have snoring problem may find the device does not work for them. Fortunately, you can request the refund(the amount of payment minus the packing and shipping fee) easily.

I personally appreciate the free lateral movement ability of VitalSleep mouthpiece and the adjustment system of lower jaw offset. Both functionalities make the mouth piece fit better in your mouth and make you more comfortable. But some people may feel the mouthpiece seems loose in the mouth and need some time to get used to it. The only drawback of VitalSleep is it is a little hard to clean due to the adjuster.

Who should not use VitalSleep?

The people VitalSleep mouthpiece is unsuitable for are those who have dentures, implanted teeth, jaw problems, or severe sleep apnea. In fact, Most MAD mouthpieces are not suitable for these kinds of people.

According to VitalSleep’s website, people with tinnitus or overbite problem would better not use its mouthpiece as it may make the problems worse.


Click here to visit the official website of VitalSleep.


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