Why it is a Bad idea to buy mouthpieces from Amazon?

As the largest online retailing marketplace in the world, Amazon sales over 200 millions items online generating $75 billion revenue per year. The scale is about the sum of WalMart and Target. The workers of Amazon warehouse walk about 10 miles a day. Amazon only does business online. It has no physical stores until recent opening of several offline book stores.

Like you, I am an Amazon fan. I’ve ordered numerous goods from Amazon online. I love the feeling of seeing the box delivered by Amazon on my doorstep. I am eager to open it to see what is in it. Sometimes I could not wait for finding a cutter to open the box, just rip it using my bare hands. As a loyal customers of Amazon, I like the experience of searching and selecting on Amazon. And its Prime service is awesome.

There seems nothing on the earth that is not sold on Amazon. Open amazon.com on your browser, and type “mouthpiece” in the search box, you will get 21,176 results. Searching google, you can find near 3000 mouthpieces are selling on Amazon. But do you know the dangers to buy mouthpieces on Amazon? Read the following to see the truth.

This number indicates some problems on the market of mouthpieces. Before we talk further, I assume:

  • You have some concept about the anti snoring mouthpiece.
  • You or your friend has a snoring problem.
  • You are familiar with buying goods from Amazon.
  • You are considering whether to buy mouthpieces from Amazon.


But do not hurry to Amazon to buy your mouthpiece before you know the reasons why it is not  a good idea to buy mouthpiece from Amazon.

As an Ad-Hoc marketplace, Amazon tries its best to only let qualified sellers in. To become a qualified seller on Amazon, you need to pass several verification processes, and the sellers must agree to its terms and policy. Amazon does so to protect its customers and the consumers. Without the strict control, Amazon can not be as large and successful as it is today. Amazon also uses advanced technology to ensure safety of electronic transaction including state-of-the-art encryption technique. Amazon’s finance is also transparent and subject to US taxes.

Despite the strict process to verify sellers, there are still a few problematic dealers on Amazon. They sell products on Amazon US but their products are actually manufactured outside US. These products  are not subject to US regulations.

FDA compliant

The well-known US institution FDA(Food and Drug Administration) creates a number of rules, laws, and regulations to impose on the manufacturing and sales of products in USA to protect the US people from using unsafe products. Products made outside of US are not subject to FDA’s scrutiny. So for example, products made in China may not be FDA cleared.

Every mouthpiece must be FDA cleared before it can be sold legally in US. It is a hard process and may take a year for the vendors to get the FDA clearance for their mouthpieces. FDA tests and verifies the safety of the products in various aspects such as chemical composition safety, conceptual safety,manufacture process safety,consumer safety, and more.

Mouthpiece is designated as class II medical device by FDA. Buying a class II medical device needs prescription. FDA approves the sale of mouthpieces after all safety tests and inspection of the sanitary conditions of manufacturing, and issues an FDA cleared certification for the product. Only with this prestigious certification can the device be sold legally on the marketplace. Some shady sellers who do not get the FDA clearance put the FDA logo on their websites or slap the fraud certification on their products to cheat customers. So don’t believe their claims easily. You should do some research yourself. It is not difficult to tell if a mouthpiece is FDA approved. All FDA cleared mouthpieces are listed on FDA’s official website. Before you buy a mouthpiece, verify it on the website of FDA, or you’ll put you on great risks because the toxic material will damage your health and improper design may harm to the jaw.

More safety issues

Good companies not only manufacture products but also do clinical test and research for their products. The clinical research performed is also helpful in getting FDA cleared. They often publish the result of the clinical trials on their website to make the customer more confident about their product. This is a useful information worthy reading. By reading the clinical trial report, you may find what they claim to resolve is not your problem at all.

If you buy a mouthpiece from a reputable company, you may need to fill a form answering some questions before placing the order. The form is designed to evaluate your situation and problem to see if the mouthpiece works for you. There exist circumstances where customers may misuse the device. For example, a mouthpiece is useless for people who have central sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea should be examined and treated by a physician using a totally different method. For people who have Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, using a mouthpiece may worsen their conditions. If you buy mouthpieces from Amazon, you lose this opportunity and may go to the wrong way.

The conclusion

Never buy a mouthpiece from Amazon. You can get the product from Amazon, but you can not get health from it. Nobody on Amazon cares about your health except yourself. Do not risk your health just to enjoy the purchasing on Amazon.

Mouthpieces are class II medical devices which require advice from your doctor or dentist to use them. If you want to buy a particular mouthpiece, just consult the manufacturer about your situation  and buy it directly from the vendor.


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