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I suffer from persistent snoring for a long time. My wife also suffers  because my loud snoring always wakes her up at night. So we are always seeking devices that can stop snoring. We have been interested in MADs(mandibular adjustment devices), one of which is ZQuiet mouthpiece.

ZQuiet MouthpieceI tried a few MAD mouthpieces. They are similar in design and  all work. But I think different people may have their own preferences because they may find one is more comfortable than another. ZQuiet is a special one among those mouthpieces I have tried.

The styles and materials of MAD mouthpieces may vary. Some MAD mouthpieces have a breathing hole in the front while others have not. But for most MAD mouthpieces, you have to close your jaw when wearing them. Your lower jaw is held in front of the upper jaw. ZQuiet, however, does not need the jaw to be closed. You can open and close your mouth freely while wearing it. This is a good news for people who breathe using mouth at night.

The Difference Between ZQuiet and Other Mouthpieces

Unlike most MAD mouthpieces, the upper part and the lower part of The ZQuiet  snoring mouthpiece is not fixed but connected using a hinge(so called “Living Hinge Technology”). The hinge allows the mouth to move freely. You can open and close your mouth as usual. You can breath via mouth. You can even drink a cup of water while wearing it. The movement of mouth does not affect the positioning of the mouthpiece: your lower jaw is always slightly in front of your upper jaw, which prevents the tongue from sliding backwards to block the airway of throat that causes snoring.

features of ZQuiet

Does ZQuiet Really Work?

If you used other fixed-type MAD mouthpieces, you may wonder if ZQuiet really works because the upper and the lower parts of the mouthpiece are hinged and movable. ZQuiet advocates that it does not need fitting to suit your mouth shape. It’s also proud of the design that allows you to open mouth and even drink water while wearing it. If you did not used it before, you must doubt its effectiveness.

The first time I used it was a night before I went to sleep. The ZQuiet pack has two mouthpieces. I began with the one with the least jaw offset. And I was amazed that it fitted my mouth well without extra efforts or adjustment.  I felt very comfortable wearing it. I could talk with others and I even had a yawn while the mouthpiece is well in place. There is nothing to complain about ZQuiet for me, who have used quite a few bands of mouthpieces.

The first night I wore ZQuiet was a good experience. Although ZQuiet did not put an end to my snoring,  the frequency and intention of snoring is much less than before. The next night, I tried the other mouthpiece with a larger offset. This one works even better. My wife told me she almost did not hear my snoring. Since the outcome of the second size is better than the original size, I wear it from then on.

I enjoy using ZQuiet mouthpiece. I gives me the freedom of mouth movement. I even have not the experience of excessive salivating as others when they try a new anti snoring mouthpiece initially. That is probably because ZQuiet allows me to swallow saliva more easily.

Something You Should Know About ZQuiet

You should know something before putting a mouthpiece in your mouth and wearing it for 8 hours at night. What is it made of? Does it do harm to your mouth or health?

  • The ZQuiet mouthpiece is a USA-made product.
  • ZQuiet mouthpiece is made of odorless thermoplastic that is FDA cleared. This FDA-compliant material can be used to manufacture dental or medical instruments.
  • This thermoplastic has no taste or smell.
  • FDA designates ZQuiet mouthpiece as a class II medical device.
  • The pack of ZQuiet consists of 2 mouthpieces which differentiate with each other in the jaw offset.
  • You do not need to customize ZQuiet to fit your mouth.
  • ZQuiet has a 30-day refund policy. If not satisfied, just return the pack to ZQuiet, and you will get the refund(the payment deducted by packaging and shipping fee).

A benefit for those breathing through mouth

The Living Hinge Technology makes it possible for people to breathe through mouth when sleeping. Most mouthpieces like Good Morning Snore Solutions do not allow you to breathe through mouth. Some do have a breathing hole in the front of device. But ZQuiet is especially friendly to mouth-breathers. In fact when you open mouth to breathe, the mouthpiece also opens wide.  Although mouth-breathers are very rare, if you are among them, ZQuiet is one of the few mouthpieces you have to choose.

Do not use ZQuiet if…

The circumstances you should not use a MAD mouthpiece including ZQuiet are: you have jaw problems, dentures, server or moderate sleep apnea.  Few people have overbite problem which means they cannot move the lower jaw in front of the upper jaw. In this case, ZQuiet, as most other MAD mouthpieces, is not appropriate for you since it must pull the lower jaw in front of the upper jaw to work. To know the exact conditions of your mouth, please consult your dentist or doctor, or you can use a TSD mouthpiece instead such as Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece which won’t be affected by the above problems.

Try Before Buy

ZQuiet has a 30-day trial period, which means when you order ZQuiet mouthpiece, you do not need to pay the full price, all you need to pay is the packing and shipping fee. It takes time to find whether a stop snoring mouthpiece is actually appropriate for you. In the 30 days, you can see if you can get accustomed to it. If you find you do not like ZQuiet mouthpiece because it makes you uncomfortable and decide not to keep using it, just contact ZQuiet to return the device and claim back your money.

For those who suffer from snoring, I suggest to try ZQuiet. You may not believe this cheap device can have huge effects on you before. A few dollars may change your life when you wake up feeling more energetic and refreshed.

ZQuiet mouthpiece is not sold on amazon at the moment. You must buy it on ZQuiet’s website.

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